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Publication Ethics and Publication Malpractice

Before submitting the manuscript (scientific article), please carefully read the bellowRevista Română de Geografie Politică ethical and publication malpractice statement. In order to avoid any type of publication malpractice each manuscript must be accompanied by the Revista Română de Geografie Politică Cover Letter, completed in full and signed by all authors.

Originality, double submission and plagiarism

The submitted manuscript must represents the authors’ original work. The manuscript was neither submitted for publication to another journal, nor has already been published (please see the Cover Letter). The manuscript submission to several journals in the same time is not permitted. If this is the case, the manuscript will be automatically rejected and all authors will lose the right to future submit and publish manuscripts in the Revista Română de Geografie Politică. Manuscripts with any type of plagiarism will be automatically rejected and the authors will lose the right to future submit and publish in the Revista Română de Geografie Politică. The authors must be sure that the original data within the manuscript, can be clearly distinguished by the data published in other scientific papers. Also, the text content, captions and any other included materials do not infringe upon any existing copyright or others (third parties) rights (please see the Cover Letter). If the authors try to republish an already published paper (using their ownor other authors data) the editors of the Revista Română de Geografie Politică will inform the editors of the other publication journal of the original paper, the funding agency (if the case), the institution and also the reviewers.

Authorship and collective responsibility

All authors listed in the manuscript need to meet the authorship criteria. All of them must have participated in the work in a substantive way and they are prepared to take the full public responsibility for their work (please see the Cover Letter). Also, all authors must have brought their contribution to the manuscript and the common agreement has been reached before submission (please see the Cover Letter). If this condition is not met, the manuscript can’t be accepted for evaluation in order to be further published in the Revista Română de Geografie Politică.

Cover Letter

The Cover Letter stipulates the ethical issues and must be signed by all authors. It must accompany the manuscript submitted to the Revista Română de Geografie Politică, otherwise it will be automatically rejected.

Methodological ethics

The articles’ authors have to consider in their work the professional, social, environmental and ethical issues.


If the manuscript does not comply the on-line published publication requirements and guidelines or it does not meet the aim and scope of the journal, the Revista Română de Geografie Politică editors reserve the right to reject the manuscript without peer-review. Each paper will be sent to at least two independent reviewers. If major discrepancies are recorded between the two reviewers, a third reviewer will be asked to review the manuscript. The journal editors will decide the acceptance or rejection of the manuscripts according to these reviews.


More about publication ethics - please check the European Association of Science Editors (EASE)